"Wind in the Pillocks"

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Off the cuff, dry Brit humour + Doggy Doings guaranteed to make your belly ache...


Weird? Yes.

Totally nuts? Yes.

You and me? Yes.

L.R. Johnson

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Dave was such a character, notorious, brutal, loving, and caring. However, he was one of those people whose fascinating story hardly ever reaches the eyes and ears of those whose only desire is to follow the ‘masses of sheep'. 

"To Dance Or

Not To Dance"

Haleem’s real-life from birth to the present has been thwart with religious discrimination, prejudice, and fear because of his choice to perform as a female dancer in the classical Indian dance called Kuchipudi. Based upon this rare talent, I managed to form a novel / screenplay utilizing every emotion possible. 

"Surreal Reality"

It appeared the book would have to be written by somebody else as I wasn't going to get paid. However, after thinking seriously about Paul’s wonderful paintings, and talent; deep inside, I really did not want to miss this great opportunity.

"Days in the Life"

A collection of poetical works written between 2002 and 2018. Provocative, interesting, and enhanced by two fabulous artists; Elisabeth Johnson and Francis Charlton Esq of which I am very proud to have their superb paintings, and illustrations accompany my written works.

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