Year 2020 will mean a new adventure for Jagged Edge Book Publishing. From January we will be accepting manuscripts from new authors who experience all the problems that we have experienced too; REJECTION, PROCRASTINATION, DISAPPOINTMENT, LACK OF SUPPORT, BANKRUPTCY, ETC, from most traditional publishers.


Owner, L.R.Johnson, will continue publishing his own efforts, however, we are now open to authors with well written manuscripts of most genres to submit their works (See submission box for details). We offer an honest estimation without any financial strings attached, neither do we pay in advance. However, we do offer budding authors advice and help in getting their works published with us, plus all the normal distribution possibilities.


Self publishing is fine IMHO, however, a book with an independent publisher as mediator has much better opportunities to sell.


In 2020 our main project; The Erskine Quint Trilogy, parts 2 and 3, will be reedited and republished. Plus our Hollywood film contract attached to part 1, Erskine Quint in Timeless Insanity, is still waiting in the wings to be filmed (hope is eternal).


So, budding authors, and lovers of unique books; off we fly into 2020 together with the quest to enrich people's literary frontiers.


December 2019

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