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Erskine QUINT


2018 Edition

L.R. Johnson

   "Utter, utter madness is at the root of this very exciting and totally out of the ordinary tale of a British aristocrat, super hero and gentleman called, Erskine Quint, Esquire or Sir (not yet). His ultimate quest is to expose the truth behind humankind’s existence hidden in the real ‘Holy Grail’!  Erskine manoeuvres between time zones leaving the reader guessing and imagining from what era and which historical period he actually exists in, to no avail. The reader remains in a timeless zone, bouncing backwards and forwards between historical events in an outrageous ‘Pythonist bubble’ filled with insane adventures.

    The main character, Erskine Quint, was born with blood running through his veins that gives him extra-dimensional strength, intelligence, guile and the most powerful will to defeat all obstacles in his way whilst solving and discovering the final frontier that has driven the human race ever since they found themselves walking on 2 legs.

    Nothing will stop him reaching this goal although evil is constantly attempting to thwart him all the way through the novel. He is determined to defeat it and expose what no man or woman man has ever attempted or succeeded to do before. The novel contains surreal adventures, surreal characters, nasty elements, truths, fantastic journeys, excitement and total madness forms the backbone of the story. However, there are elements of ‘truth’ running through the story with several twists in the tails of Erskine’s main opponents these ‘twists’ appear only after the reader has followed Erskine and his Himalayan manservant, Kimjabi, all over the planet in different locations as they search for clues in their monumental quest. Some parts shock the reader and offer no sanctuary for faint hearts or eventual redemption.

    Good and evil accompany us through our lives, hand in hand, and this outrageous novel, although completely insane, offers the reader a twist at the finale that only those of a strong disposition and open-mind can possibly take, enjoy, or comprehend. Erskine loves gorgeous, erotic, very sexy women. He is an insatiable ‘mercurial stud’ and has several erotic adventures along his majestic journey; the novel is not advisable for children to read. The author intends to take the reader to the limits of their fantasy and allows himself the right to introduce even more insanity when required, but the insanity mostly relates and always entertains so that the story is never far away.

    Periodically leaving the backbone of the novel and catapulting into tangents faraway, but paradoxically, remaining oh so close. Insane, black holes waiting to confuse, entertain and amuse.

    Erskine, although being an Aristocrat and enjoying the most luxurious, upper class things the planet has to offer always remains aware of the importance of his mission to mankind in general, therefore the reader can always relate to him, or maybe even get to like him. They will also enjoy his memorable, sometimes deadly confrontations and conflicts with evil, which snowball rapidly during the journeys he undertakes. Several dark, sad, funny, sexy, oddball characters join Erskine, but the greatest surprise is towards the end where two colossal, universal characters join the adventure physically and eventually determine Erskine’s destiny.

   This surreal novel is for the open-minded, slightly eccentric, (or very mad), intellectual, adult reader. It offers no boundaries, solutions, or answers, but will certainly entertain, maybe provoke and possibly, the reader will never be the same again after reading it. Erskine Quint is a survivor, but his ultimate confrontation with powers that can destroy or redeem anything on the planet is something that no other being has ever survived and if he does survive the ordeal, a trilogy is in the pipeline.     

© 2017/19 by Jagged Edge Book Publishing - London, Bangalore, Amsterdam

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