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November 17th 2018

Jagged Edge Book Publishing  has some exciting news ....Erskine Quint - "Timeless Insanity"


Mick Bannister - UK Correspondent

"Utter, utter madness is at the root of this very exciting and totally out of the ordinary tale of a British aristocrat, super hero and gentleman called, Erskine Quint, Esquire or Sir (not yet). His ultimate quest is to expose the truth behind humankind’s existence hidden in the real ‘Holy Grail’! 

     Erskine manoeuvres between time zones leaving the reader guessing and imagining from what era and which historical period he actually exists in, to no avail. The reader remains in a timeless zone, bouncing backwards and forwards between historical events in an outrageous ‘Pythonist bubble’ filled with insane adventures.

    The main character, Erskine Quint, was born with blood running through his veins that gives him extra-dimensional strength, intelligence, guile and the most powerful will to defeat all obstacles in his way whilst solving and discovering the final frontier that has driven the human race ever since they found themselves walking on 2 legs.

    Nothing will stop him reaching this goal although evil is constantly attempting to thwart him all the way through the novel. He is determined to defeat it and expose what no man or woman man has ever attempted or succeeded to do before. The novel contains surreal adventures, surreal characters, nasty elements, truths, fantastic journeys, excitement and total madness forms the backbone of the story.



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Erskine Quint

Erskine Quint

September 22nd 2018

Jagged Edge Book Publishing  has some exciting news ....coming soon!

Mick Bannister - UK Correspondent

Jagged Edge will soon be announcing the re-launch date for the unique, utterly mad, and never to be forgotten; Erskine Quint Trilogy, on this website and, of course, social media sites...All books in the trilogy will be priced at very reasonable, down-loadable, and hard copy levels...A very exciting period is about to commence for Jagged Edge, no doubt!

Watch this space.

Les Johnson

L R Johnson

January 29th 2018

Les Johnson

L R Johnson pens novel on Haleem Khan

Srivathsan Nadadhur

The author has included a mix of real incidents and fiction in the book titled "To Dance or not to Dance?"

German author L R Johnson has recently written "To Dance or not to Dance?" , a book on actor-dancer Haleem Khan that blends real and fictional incidents in a novel format. The author behind the story around the dancer’s career, had also written for an American TV series.

Haleem meets R.N. Kovind

YES!! This is Haleem Khan celebrating with the PRESIDENT OF ALL INDIA!!

A magical journey on a flying carpet!!

"After being asked to write a story about a young Indian man’s life, who against all the odds has achieved a reasonable level of fame in the jungle of the Indian entertainment world, I was initially perplexed.

Deciding to base a fictitious novel / screenplay based on Haleem Khan’s life, the whole story unfolded, and writing mostly in the present tense because of Haleem’s soaring popularity in the Indian film world, the project became more and more interesting as scenario after scenario became reality.

Haleem’s real-life from birth to the present has been thwart with religious discrimination, prejudice, and fear because of his choice to perform as a female dancer in the classical Indian dance called Kuchipudi. Based upon this rare talent, I managed to form a novel / screenplay utilizing every emotion possible. 

It will make people laugh, cry, feel deep anger, and for those who possess any form of prejudice; to look in the mirror and rethink. Because it matters not which race, color or religion direction we are born into, we all remain human beings.

This fictive story, built around a real person, is an invaluable insight for those who prefer to discriminate before understanding and accepting that humans are just one huge melting-pot of diverse emotions, colors, beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. It will entertain the reader whilst giving the reader a sense of affinity to those who exist in such minorities. Who are bullied and terrorized for their beliefs, are forced to hide their true identities, but still manage to put smiles on our faces, entertain us, and show us through their art how wrong we all are to discriminate against those who are different."

Haleem Khan

German pens novel on Hyderabad based Kuchipudi dancer

(Editors Note:-  ..."L.R. Johnson is English, but actually finds Haleem's wrong description of the author a compliment.")

Hyderabad: A novel based on his life is the newest of many vindications for city-based Kuchipudi exponent Haleem Khan.

After having won accolades and making his mark as an actor, the classical dancer has now become the biographical subject of a novel called ‘To Dance or Not to Dance, That is Not the Question’.

The 120-page independently-published novel by German author LR Johnson was launched last week, and is available worldwide in paperback from and in ebook (Kindle) edition from



L.R. Johnson




(This is dependent on my agent, Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert, not being able to find a suitable publisher because the original publisher, Sarah Book Publishing, Texas, USA went bankrupt and I have contractual obligations with my agent.)


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