To Dance or not to dance?

based on the life of indian entertainer -

haleem khan

L.R. Johnson

"After being asked to write a story about a young Indian man’s life, who against all the odds has achieved a reasonable level of fame in the jungle of the Indian entertainment world, I was initially perplexed.

Deciding to base a fictitious novel / screenplay based on Haleem Khan’s life, the whole story unfolded, and writing mostly in the present tense because of Haleem’s soaring popularity in the Indian film world, the project became more and more interesting as scenario after scenario became reality.

Haleem’s real-life from birth to the present has been thwart with religious discrimination, prejudice, and fear because of his choice to perform as a female dancer in the classical Indian dance called Kuchipudi. Based upon this rare talent, I managed to form a novel / screenplay utilizing every emotion possible. 

It will make people laugh, cry, feel deep anger, and for those who possess any form of prejudice; to look in the mirror and rethink. Because it matters not which race, color or religion direction we are born into, we all remain human beings.

This fictive story, built around a real person, is an invaluable insight for those who prefer to discriminate before understanding and accepting that humans are just one huge melting-pot of diverse emotions, colors, beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. It will entertain the reader whilst giving the reader a sense of affinity to those who exist in such minorities. Who are bullied and terrorized for their beliefs, are forced to hide their true identities, but still manage to put smiles on our faces, entertain us, and show us through their art how wrong we all are to discriminate against those who are different."

© 2017/19 by Jagged Edge Book Publishing - London, Bangalore, Amsterdam

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